About Eleos Drive

Let me introduce myself, Nora FILLOT, founder of Eleos Drive. After several years as a Management Driver, I decided to create a company specializing in private transport, which can offer the best to our customers in the field of service to individuals and businesses.

Conscious of the evolving needs of the clientele and anxious to respond to them as best as possible, I have chosen to create and position Eleos Drive in high-end service, favoring a qualitative and personalized approach, wherever others favor a quantitative approach.

At Eleos Drive our role is not limited to driving you from point A to point B. The role of our drivers is to provide you with a memorable customer experience, during which you must be able, depending on your constraints of the moment, either focus perfectly on preparing for a meeting or contacting a business partner, or, on the contrary, relax between two meetings or before starting your day when getting off your plane.















Your private drive …

The engagement of Eleos Drive drivers respect the rules of its ethical charter at all times, which guarantees to all our customers:

– the highest level of safety in driving vehicles (our drivers have all the required professional authorizations and all their points on their driving license)

– the greatest punctuality (our drivers are obliged to arrive at the pick-up location at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time)

– perfect confidentiality in the management of their race

– absolute concentration in the execution of the driving task (our drivers are prohibited from using their mobile phone during the performance of the race);

– dynamic management of the transport service by using the best navigation tools to adapt the route in real time to traffic and traffic constraints

Eleos Drive has chosen to bring excellence to all levels of transportation for the benefit of its customers. We are therefore committed to serving all of our customers:

– experienced, bilingual transport professionals who fully understand the specific nature of Parisian and Ile de France traffic

– latest generation Mercedes Class S, unanimously recognized as the most comfortable and safest

– vehicles less than a year old and subject to maintenance guaranteed by Mercedes Benz France

– vehicles fully cleaned after each day of use, and the interior of which is subject to the greatest care by the best professionals selected by us

– a premium service on board our vehicles including wi-fi, 16:9 TV screens with all the TNT channels, a wide choice of magazines, drinks and snacks

… and your Family manager.

With more than 5 years of experience in the business, we offer various Family manager services :

– For your children, we can take care of their care, their school and / or extra-school support.

– For your home, cleaning services, cleaning and maintenance of the linen, manage your documents or your move.

– For your kitchen, we can manage the management of your fridge, your shopping and the preparation of your meals.

– For your family or legal disputes, we can be your mediator to improve the situation.

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