Private driver and Family manager

Eleos Drive specializes in private transportation for individuals and businesses. Our private drivers and luxury vehicles guarantee our customers top-of-the-range, comfortable travel and services. Family manager services are also offered such as babysitting and school monitoring, organizing your errands, cleaning, moving, meals or family mediator.


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private driver

Professional drivers

Bilingual and with all professional licenses.

Luxury vehicle

Latest generation Mercedes S-Class


Our drivers arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time.

Internet via Wifi

Our vehicles are equipped with wifi for high speed internet access.


Television screens to receive TNT channels.

Magazines and drinks

Wide choice of magazines, drinks and snacks.


Child management

Childcare, school and extra-curricular support and monitoring.

House management

Organization, storage, filing of your dressing room or your documents.


Accommodation and linen maintenance services (cleaning, ironing …).


House moving

Complete management of your move.

Groceries & meals

Management and organization of the fridge, of your shopping and preparation of your meals.

Family mediator

Mediation services between parties to a family or legal dispute.

Booking a vehicle


Family manager

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